The 5 Elements Tea - Morning Soothe
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The 5 Elements Tea - MORNING SOOTHE - Relieve Morning Sickness and Soothe Nausea

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The Five Elements - WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER, or Wu Xing, is a Chinese philosophy that is used within the medical system of Traditional Chinese Medicine to describe cycles or patterns that exist in nature, in health, and in disease. The Wood element is considered harmonious in nature and represents growing, ascending, and flourishing as it spreads out freely. The Everlong Five Elements Tea series based on The Five Elements Theory. They nourish and balance the body in very specific ways, thereby improving organ function and building up a person’s constitution and immune system.


This harmonious blend Morning Soothe infusion is made to provide all necessary natural herbal nutrients to provide gentle, longer-lasting relief of stomach upsets and soothe morning sickness.


We own and operate our own tea plantation farm and processing factory. Not only does this mean we know first-hand the feedback our customers respond - it also means we have greater control over producing and distributing. We research and understand every ingredients in this product - and we make sure each and every product good enough to keep you bought with everything you need.


The Five Elements Teas are unique in their own way due to their tastes, aroma and mouthfeel (and health properties of course). The Morning Soothe Infusion brings an warming hibiscus pink-bodied brew with freshing peppermint flavor, a note of sweet goji berry balanced by relaxing ginger .


• 100% Natural Ingredients
• No Artificial Additive or Color 
• No Sugar or Sweetener 
• Non-GMO  
• Gluten Free 
• Vegan 
• No Preservative 
• Contain Botanic Caffeine