What you eat and drink says so much about you as a person.

Everlong Tea is a China-based family owned and operated business, founded on a passion for the absolute best of herbal wellness tea using recipes passed down from generation to generation. 

As family tradition, we use herbal tea because of the benefits to our health. Herbal recipes handed down in the family always protect us from the impacts of negative energy inside or outside. When someone in our family feels physically or mentally uncomfortable, our grandfather who is a Chinese medical practitioner always prepares a cup of delicious herbal tea and one ends up feeling better quickly. We are proud of our heritage and passionate of what we do.

Today, we recreate the traditional herbal remedy taught to us by our grandfather and touch it up with modern health and healing system discoveries. 




We are dedicated to help you live a life of harmony, balance and wellness with a range of pure carefully crafted herbal teas that rich in flavor and healthy benefits. Our inspiring herbal blends rise up to support you delivering your best in the face of daily challenges.



At Everlong, we know that healthy habits make sense and consumption is important in your body. This is why no effort is spared during processing to ensure only the finest high quality tea makes its way to you. Through the advancement of the technology and relevance in the business world we are always researching and coming up with new ways to maximize the derived health benefits and expanding our flavors to suit your tastes. We care about our tea and your satisfaction because incorporating a cup of healthy tea in daily routine provides significant health benefits.



For us, herbal tea is not a mixture of random herbs. Instead, we carefully select each ingredient based on its benefits to come up with the right combination perfect for different conditions and situations. All our ingredients are wholly organic and are blended together to bring out bursts of flavor and amazing tastes which addresses individual health needs.

Our Detox Tea (Morning Boost and Night Cleanse) is a natural choice blended to perfection with healthy benefits and nice aroma and treating yourself in a mindful way is important. The 28-day morning boost detox tea jump-starts your morning with extra energy and helps your body burn fat all through the day while the night cleanse detox tea gets your body ready for tomorrow. By tapping into the wellness nature offers, we wish to promote and help others to live a positive, active, balanced, happy, and healthy lifestyles through our one of a kind herbal recipe. Achieve your health and wellness goal with us and be ready for incredible results.