Food is medicine.
Every food item and herb has a specific property and temperature that establishes its category in dietary medicine. Foods and herbs have been prescribed as medicine for thousands of years in human history. You are what you eat and drink.

Explore the true energy essence of herbs.
We believe each natural herb has its own spiritual aspect, or the energy essence, it’s the true healing factor goes far beyond the physical qualities of nutrients, calories and vitamins.

Herbal tea is not simply a mixture of random herbs.
At Everlong, a variety of teas and botanicals are characterized according to their nature (hot, warm, cool, and cold) and flavor (sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter). They are carefully combined in a hierarchy of Principal, Associate, Assistant, and Coordinator.

Wellness, never compromise on taste.
Making no sacrifices when it comes to both flavor and the health benefits of our teas is something we really care about. We never stop innovating to create your favorite brew with amazing tastes and rich of health benefits.

Nature has given us the essentials for a healthy life.
We just work with and harness the best nature has to offer. The complex layers of flavor that mingle in each cup of Everlong tea are simply the tastes and aromas of pure botanicals and tea leaves that carefully crafted.


Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

Everlong Tea Products rooted in TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ancient holistic philosophy yet completely modern system of health and healing. Its insightful wisdom and ability to understand and address individual health needs empowers each person with a way to unite body, mind, and spirit-the foundation for lasting, authentic health. It is a profound pathway to create the life of balance, wellness and harmony you truly want to live. 
Every TCM theory and healing system reflects and harmonizes with the relationships that exist within natural law. They form the core of the philosophy in the use of ingredients and processes in developing our products and are honored and embodied in the Everlong Principles.